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A Beautiful Décolleté

Looking beautiful and healthy requires that we also take care of the appearance of our chest area, or what beauticians call the décolleté. Many beautiful dresses and fashionable tops have low cuts that highlight the décolleté and some areas of the bust, embracing this part of a woman’s body to show a beautiful necklace or just a little more skin.

Women say they feel more confident wearing a bathing suit or a bikini when their décolleté and bust look great. So why do many women tend to forget about this area when it comes to their regular beauty and health routines? Probably for the same reasons that women forget to perform regular breast self examination; it’s not on top of their mind and many don’t know what to do.

Another reason that some women are not comfortable showing their décolleté is that they experience a noticeable contrast between the appearance of their faces and the discolored, damaged skin on their chest.

This is caused by the lack of a proper skin care routine and sun overexposure. The simple yet very effective solution is to apply your daily skin care products not just on your face but also on your neck and chest area! Make sure to always apply sunscreen when wearing a low cut t-shirt or dress during the day.

One concern women have regarding their décolleté area is the appearance of deep wrinkles. The major cause of chest wrinkles is that most women sleep on their sides. When a woman sleeps on her side, the breasts, because of their weight, fall together and create lines, wrinkles and creases between the breasts, up the chest and into the lower neck area. These wrinkles, lines and creases eventually remain embedded in the chest and lower neck skin if not paid attention to.

Here are some suggestions of how to help eliminate some of these wrinkles and possibly prevent future ones.

  1. Exercise your chest and back muscles regularly.
  2. Apply moisturizer before you go to bed (make sure it is oil-free if you tend to break out easily).
  3. If the problem continues, try to sleep with a stretching undershirt that holds your breasts better in place or wear a bra. Keep in mind, if you wear a bra during the night to help reduce some of the deep wrinkles, substitute it throughout the day with a comfortable camisole. For good breast health, Dr. Bodai recommends giving your breasts a bra-free rest for at least 8–12 hours within a 24 hour period.

The skin on the décolleté area is more sensitive than skin on other parts of our body; it is thinner, less moisturized, has less elasticity and there is no fat tissue below. Consequently, this skin is more likely to show signs of aging with dryness, hyper-pigmentation and age spots.

If you want to see a tremendous improvement in the appearance of your décolletê area in only 30 days, try the following routine EVERY DAY for one month.

  1. Clean the neck and chest area with a gentle cleanser mornings and evenings (no harsh soaps).
  2. Dry your skin carefully by patting the area with a towel (don’t rub).
  3. Apply a specialty neck and décolleté cream afterwards (available at most department stores; all leading skin care brands). Very important: apply a generous amount of sunscreen to the décolleté area 20 minutes before you go outside. In addition, twice a week use an exfoliating scrub and within 30 days we can promise you that your décolleté skin will appear more youthful, firmer and more radiant. Like breast self-examination, taking care of your chest area requires consistency and routine; you will benefit most if you stick to the regimen!


If you want to know if your décolleté has been over-exposed to the sun, just do the following test. Slightly press your finger for a few seconds on the skin of your chest area. When you lift your finger and the skin shows a white spot that does not disappear right away, your skin is probably getting too much sun, and it is time to cover up or seek shade. If you follow this simple rule and avoid unnecessary sun burns, your skin in the décolleté area will look young and healthy.

Extending the Facial Treatment

If you treat yourself to a spa visit make sure your aesthetician always incorporates the skin on the neck and décolleté in all facial treatment steps such as exfoliation, extraction procedures, mask applications and moisturizing. Of course, if you do a facial at home follow the same guidelines.

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